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Locksmith Security Solutions

Locksmith Security Solutions

Afraid of encountering an intruder in your home or office? Worried your valuables may be taken by unwelcomed individuals who break and enter into your home? You need not be scared anymore. Let Payless Locksmith take your fear away. With our Locksmith Security Solutions and modern, efficient hardware plus well-trained caring personnel, we will address all your security needs. We also cater to commercial locksmiths to ensure that offices and big companies stay safe. We guarantee you the best Locksmith Security Solutions for whatever needs you may have.

For your home or office needs, we recommend the use of the captive deadbolt. This Locksmith Security Solution is a great way of preventing intrusion into your privacy, your precious possessions and even keep your important files and documents safe. Always available for a call, Payless Locksmith is ready to accommodate all your inquiries regarding securities of your home and office.  Recommendations on the best option or the most efficient Locksmith Security Solutions will be provided to optimize the safety of your home and office.

A worthy Locksmith Security Solutions being employed nowadays is the captive deadbolt. This is a special lock and key. Benefits include protection as a double cylinder deadbolt and comfort and easy usage as a single cylinder deadbolt. Companies like Medeco and Mul-ti lock manufactures are great solutions. 

To make the double cylinder captive deadbolt work, all that needs to be done is inserting the captive key, and the lock will work as a single cylinder with a thumb turn. It will now be effortless to lock and unlock your door. If you would like to remove the thumb, turn to the key from inside the cylinder, and just place a regular operating key in the cylinder. Move the key 90 degrees in either direction.  An advantage of using the double cylinder deadbolt is that it is a fail-proof Locksmith Security Solution. Intruders will have second thoughts when trying to break your windows. 

Another great Locksmith Security Solutions is making use of window bars or grills and film. Although bulky, window grills protect your place and help lower the risk of window breakage. Intruders will not be able to break into your home. Locksmith Security Solutions films have many advantages too. Films prevent forced entry.  They protect you from ultra violet rays from the sun.

Whatever it is you need, Payless Locksmith is ready to assist you. We will provide you with the best solution at a reasonable value. We will work out a plan which will maximize your security without hurting your pockets. That is an assurance we give you. Don’t hesitate! Your safety and protection is our concern. Please dial 905-660-1987 for any inquiries.