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Door Hardware

Door Hardware

Payless Locksmith understands people’s need to be protected whether at home or in the office. We are aware that the home is a sacred abode for each and every one of us. It is where the family gathers around and enjoys precious moments with each other. The office, on the other hand is where income is generated. Piles upon piles of substantial data are kept inside the office. For these among other reasons, Payless Locksmith devoted a meaningful amount of time in planning and devising ways on how to keep your home and office 100% safe.

One of the door hardware employed by our company is the captive deadbolts. For this type of physical security, there are several things to consider. For one thing an assessment has to be done whether it is more advisable to install a single or a double cylinder deadbolt. Life security is a major concern here. If a double cylinder deadbolt is installed in an office for instance, this may keep a person from getting out of the office in times of danger or emergency.  This type of hardware is recommended for use on doors with windows. This door hardware prevents anybody from breaking the glass to unlock the door. 

Another concern when selecting captive deadbolts is the strength of modern windows. Payless Locksmith ensures all hardware being used is up-to-date with modern security door hardware. For the double deadbolt for instance, we recommend the use of the double deadbolt with the thumb-turn key. This type of door hardware has a removable thumb turn which changes your double cylinder to a single-cylinder captive deadbolt.  The captive deadbolt is one of the best security door hardware which passed the standards for fire and life safety codes.

Installation of window bars or films have many advantages. The window bars is effective in scaring off intruders. This door hardware may be bulky, but it totally keeps your office safe against theft or breakage. It also prevents any non-welcomed individual from entering your premise. Another use for this door hardware is that it blocks ultra violet rays. Thus you are spared from the harmful effects of these rays.

If you would like to be acquainted with more security solutions, kindly dial 905-660-1987. Payless Locksmith cares for you and we will assess what is the best option for your security needs.  We perpetually update our knowledge on security. We assure you that only the best door hardware at the most reasonable value will be recommended for you. Your safety is our major concern. Give us a call. we are always ready to assist you!