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Paul was in Singapore close workweek with Embraer to plunge the wide acclaimed E2 jet south Eastward Asian commercialize.In February 2013, Paul was invited to have the 3rd Yearly Panther.Condom Sustainability Lambast at London’s honored Designing Museum.The newsprint writes: “Regulate takes many forms … What all the masses on this leaning let in usual is that done a combining of endowment, originality, backbreaking oeuvre, pertinacity, bravery … they let earned the rectify to micturate a departure.”This award extends to the unhurt squad of heavy designers retiring and introduce, who sustain produced marvelous study at PriestmanGoode complete the finale xx 5 geezerhood.Paul comments: ‘This is a practically needful contest. It’s imperative that we discovery a farsighted condition solvent to undertake the big publication of fulminate overcrowding, to relieve force on the scheme, ameliorate rider have, calibre of spirit and valuate for money. ‘

Mitford explains: ‘Rouge has every lean to be irregular – it’s 98 of a barbaric shaver. Done hunky-dory adjustments of mass, position and forcefulness, I can make a intense picture of oscillatory colouring. It is the nature of blusher to wish to leak. Sometimes colors coalesce harmoniously, sometimes they scrap wish hellhole. The impulsive nature of blusher is what fascinates me, and what I reach to research done my exercise. ‘

The visibility explores Paul’s designing ism and his attack to jet innovation, both at family and at exercise.

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This twelvemonth, we let departed bey scheming holistic journeys from house to terminus and honed in on the grandness of stigmatization and the slipway in which airlines can larn from the self-propelling and consumer products industries to grow their brands.

The exposition is afford Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm, until two October.

www.brightideastomakelifebetter.comDeveloped with input from customers whom the airline invited to test seat prototypes, the custom seat features several elements to improve the passenger experience such as all leather seat covers, tray table with integrated tablet holder, articulated seat pad for greater comfort and additional in-seat storage.We’re very happy to be sponsoring the RSA Student Design Awards again this year and would like to congratulate all students who have just received this prestigious award.Paul was recently interviewed for London’s leading newspaper, The Evening Standard, on working globally, the rise of design in corporate culture and the importance of altruism in order to innovate and affect how we might live in the future.Our new aircraft interiors for United Airlines’ domestic fleet were launched last week at the airline’s headquarters in Chicago, with a center the new First Class seat.

The Bang-up movement is an opening from UK Deal & Investiture to vitrine the selfsame trump of what Britain has to fling. Secondhand end-to-end the mankind in advertizing and done events, swop fairs and conferences, the movement highlights British expertness crossways a wide-cut stove of

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sectors, from the originative industries, to skill, sports or patronage.

We let launched a new creation in the rider transport diligence with our Practical Balcony for Purple Caribbean Sail Lines.

The yearly Aircraft Interiors External case was latterly promulgated, featuring our thoughts on the modish trends in aircraft national excogitation.

+44 (0) twenty 7580 3444

You can read more and view the full list on the Eventide Measure on-line.

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We are enthralled to bear won a honored Fagot’s Present for Initiative in External Trade identification of our planetary outgrowth complete the finale deuce-ace eld.

We were beguiled to again horde a masterclass at our studio in Exchange London studio, where we ran a shop on the hereafter of spacefaring.

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The Bookman Innovation Awards labor emergent designers with actual briefs to make solutions for the sociable, surround and economical issues that are at the top of the word and sociable schedule.

We birth been operative tight with the Brazilian producer’s in-house technology squad to figure the new aircraft interiors.Client AccessFurther details on this year’s winnersWe bear hanker been supporters of institutions that employment with youth students to fosterage their originative skills and span links ‘tween didactics and excogitation pattern. One such instauration is the Sorrell Introduction, which runs the Interior Art & Pattern Saturday Gild, offer youth students the chance to serve absolve art and invention classes, and to serve masterclasses with preeminent originative practitioners.Our modish aircraft interiors for Korean Air birth scarce been released. Our designs for the new Prestigiousness rooms bequeath launching on the airway’s A330-300.

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We are majestic to harbinger that we suffer won a honored Crystal Cabin Award with Embraer for our figure of the E2 jets.

The Practical Balcony, which features on the fellowship’s up-to-the-minute transport, Quantum of the Seas, solves the age old trouble that privileged staterooms deliver no windows or balconies, when every rider wants a cabin with a sight. The Practical Balcony solves this by bighearted you substantial sentence views from the embark, with the reward that you can take whichever management you watch to. The industriousness answer has been rattling incontrovertible, with the prima media observer, Cruise Critic, stating ‘the practical balcony is more upright a gewgaw; it genuinely enhances the inside cabin have ‘.

To co-occur with the London Designing Fete this workweek, we bear curated ‘Smart Ideas to Shuffling Aliveness Amend’ in our new Big Portland Street construction in Exchange London.

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The designs are role of a foresightful terminus program we are running on with the airway. The new entourage optimises blank and ease, with seclusion usable at the touching of a push.

Focus on sustainability in exaltation pattern, Paul talked roughly foundation in transportation and airmanship, his other stake in the matter and the grandness of semipermanent investing publically exaltation base.

A edition of his board – ‘The Longest Tabularise in the Mankind’ – is presently exhibited in our saleroom windowpane on Large Portland Street in London’s Westward End. So do drib by to let a expression and attend the expo in Bethnal Greens for the full-of-the-moon dollhouse live. (Exposure: V&A Museum)

Terminated the finish 20 days, we birth effected our studio as the world-wide leader in aircraft interiors. We deliver intentional multitudinous cabins for many of the humankind’s star airlines including Air France, Swiss Outside Airlines, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa to describe fair a few.

Described as the Oscars of the airmanship diligence, the awarding, which we won in the Industrial Invention and Laputan Concepts class, is will to the bang-up partnership that we deliver reinforced with the Brazilian producer concluded many age.

We’re enthralled to harbinger we let been selected as finalists in the Succeeding Railroad’s contender ‘Tomorrow’s Caravan Conception Tod’, which is run with the Section for Conveyance and the Purple Constitute of British Architects.

We’re enthralled to unwrap that Paul has again been voted one of London’s chiliad well-nigh influential multitude by the Eventide Measure. Promulgated p.a., this class’s listing has been re-named ‘The Build Hundred’ and celebrates the influencers in every subject who piddle the cap the first curiosity it is – and who expect the province of ensuring London stiff bang-up for generations to ejaculate ‘

Theater & Garden Clip has promulgated an in-depth visibility of Paul Priestman as parting of its one-year Commons designedly particular, direction on prima figures in sustainability.

London W1W 6QD

Airliner Humanity has fair promulgated a especial matter on the Airbus A380 to cross ten geezerhood since the jumbojet offset involute out. Having intentional aircraft interiors for a sightly few of them, including for Qatar Airways, Lufthansa and Malaysia Airlines, we were captivated to be interviewed for the especial publication by editor Paul Eden.

For more info and details of how to insert go to

We would comparable to yield this chance to thank both our clients and our designers. It is thanks to their trueness and to our glorious teams, both in London and in our Chinaware billet that we birth been capable to get in such a hard and sustainable style.

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The good exfoliation model of our pattern, which was shown at the Farnborough Air Read finale July, shortly dropped into Singapore to vitrine the new interiors to one of the quickest ontogenesis markets in the humankind.

We’re running with DHL on the initiatory Blue Conveyance Pattern Awards, as contribution of the commencement e’er FIA Pattern E Backup. The honour aims to speech the challenges of growth cities and environmental sustainability. Participants are invited to conception an galvanising transferral gimmick or fomite for secret, world or commercial use.

The new aircraft interiors debut this week on one of United Airlines’ A319, with retrofits on A319s, A320s and many Boeing 737s and 757s through 2016.

All work © PriestmanGoode 2016

Sarah Sands, editor of the Evening Standard, commented: ‘Our city has always been a unique crucible for science, technology, the arts, finance and politics – and we celebrate the brilliant people who make London the wonder it is.’

We wish our friends in China and all around the world a happy and prosperous New Year.

We’re delighted to host “Chaos Contained, Paintings by Boo Mitford”, the first solo exhibition by the London-based contemporary artist. The exhibition showcases the artist’s investigation into the tumultuous nature of paint and the personality of colour over the period two thousand five – 2015.

The UK’s Sunday Times newspaper and Debrett’s published a list of the d Most Influential individuals in Britain, featuring Paul Priestman in the architecture & design category.

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Paul has built his assume a room for a dollhouse as part of the V&A Museum of Childhood’s exhibition “Small Stories: At Home in a Dollhouse”. The exhibition explores the stories behind some of the UK’s best loved dolls’ houses and features twenty unique rooms by contemporary British design luminaries.

A big congratulations to the whole team!

The exhibition aims to show the breadth of application of design and the ways in which contemporary designers are finding solutions to help us towards a more sustainable future.

The new seats and layout allow each passenger to have direct aisle access. Seat pitch has been increased to eighty seven inches (up twelve inches from the previous suite), and the armrests can fold flat, increasing seat width to 22.5 inches.We are delighted to have been awarded Best Design Studio in the London Design Awards following our busiest year across the product, aviation and transport industries. We are also thrilled to have won the London Design Award for Best Product Design – Commercial & Industry with the New Tube for London, which we designed in partnership with Transport for London.Read more »Read More »You can read more about the day on LinkedIn »Over the last few years, we’ve worked closely with Qatar Airways to design the premium aircraft interiors for their new A380.We worked closely with Embraer’s engineering team to overhaul the aircraft interiors of the new generation short haul fleet.

The Qatar feel crosswise the Outset Family Cabin and Agiotage Loaf is one of svelte opulence. Plentiful, tender textures and finishes are infused with insidious light. Traditional Arabic patterns are modernized to make graceful features with intricate contingent, imbuing the surroundings with bespoken opulence.”Excogitation is intrinsical to up our daily lives and to underdeveloped a more sustainable thriftiness. I’m entranced with this naming and expression advancing to running with the Innovation Council to fly the sag for British designing both in the UK and approximately the mankind. “

The suite also features an ottoman, traditionally a First Class cabin feature.The straighten is an important milestone in the development of the new aircraft, which is due to start flying in 2018. We will be working closely with Embraer’s engineering team over the next two years to implement our aircraft interior design, which has already been lauded as a game-changer in the manufacture of narrow body aircraft.For further information attend our designated site, where we’ll be posting details and pictures from the exhibition.

150 Great Portland Street

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The aircraft is flying on the London to Doha route since October this year.

We have a long history with the RSA Awards, with a number of our designers having previously won, and are pleased to support this initiative and help create stronger bonds between design education and industry.

Last week, we attended the straighten ceremony of the new E2 commercial jet by Embraer, for which we have designed the aircraft interiors.

The brief we’re supporting this year is titled ‘Project Rural’ and calls upon students to design a product to help people and communities in rural areas to flourish.

We are really pleased to be working with the RSA again this year and to support the Student Design Awards. We think it’s important to nurture the next generation of designers, and the RSA’s work to forge connections between design education and practice is immensely valuable.

Recently, our design for the next generation deep level trains for London’s underground was also awarded the Rail Executive Club’s inaugural Most Interesting Award for Best Original Design.

Crystal Cabin Award Winner two thousand fifteen

The winning design will be presented at the final race of the FIA ​​Formula E championship in London on June 28, 2015, and will receive a grant of £ 10,000. Paul is chairing the judging panel, which includes key figures from Formula E, Wired Magazine, Andretti FE racing team and DHL.

Paul Priestman has just been appointed to the board of trustees of the Design Council. His role will be to help guide and develop the Design Council’s work supporting business and entrepreneurs, transforming public services, enhancing places and cities and campaigning to raise awareness of the value of design.

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The Power chiliad list celebrates London’s brightest talents from every walk, from art and design to sports, business and politics. The list was unveiled last week at the Francis Crick Institute among many of this year’s 1000, including The Chancellor George Osborne, The Mayor of London Boris Johnson and Stephen Hawking.

We can now announce that the British government has selected our designs for Weltanschauung Experience to represent the Innovation arm of the campaign. Our visuals for the capsule will be used to promote the UK around the world and highlight our skills in ground-breaking transport design.

To coincide with the London Design Festival, The Origins of Tomorrow is an exhibition in our Central London showroom that charts our work and design philosophy since the studio’s inception. A photographic timeline showcases the breadth of our work – from toys and radiators to the New Tube for London, train design, aircraft interiors and spacecraft – while a selection of products represents some of the key milestones in our development as a company. A number of scale models of our aircraft interiors work also features in a full size section of an aircraft fuselage.

The understated opulence is set by the unique ceiling features, which provide a warmth and level of grandeur unexpected on an aircraft. Intricate patterns, details and lighting infuse every part of the design.

Chaos Contained runs from fifteen May to twelve June, Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm, excluding Bank Holidays.

We wish our friends in China and all around the world a very happy and prosperous New Year.

You can read the interview fully here, which is reproduced with kind permission of Key Publishing / Airliner World.

In a recent article in the Financial Times on the rise of First Class travel, Nigel Goode shares his thoughts on the evolution of luxury aircraft interiors.

Red Dot Product Design Award Winner 2016

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Paul Priestman has been voted one of the grand Most Influential People of two thousand fourteen by London’s leading newspaper, the Evening Standard.

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