Radiotherapy Detection Equipment Manufacturer Ecotest

For many days, ECOTEST TM products get been successfully ill-used at the posit borders of unlike countries to assure comp radioactivity monitoring.

href = ‘# more-text-7b82a31c701c2572da67d5613c76b579’ course = ‘eco-more-link -color-hl-add show-hide-content’> More Environmental inspectorates wide use ECOTEST TM products to forbid outlawed carry-over of radioactive materials crosswise the posit borders .

Our instruments leave avail to notice and focalize gamma, beta, alpha and neutron actinotherapy sources, piece arrangement solutions leave offer uninterrupted domain monitoring both inside and outside.Complete the eld the apartments, reinforced from risky radioactive materials, may inflict a electronegative impingement on their residents. When construction new houses, post centers, supermarkets or otc architectural objects one should birth a creditworthy posture to the option of expression materials. ECOTEST TM products appropriate to efficaciously ascendence irradiation guard of edifice materials and building projects and explore for ionizing radioactivity sources.We likewise crack arrangement solutions for day-and-night monitoring of radiotherapy billet on the territories of healthcare facilities. In the effect of emergencies ECOTEST TM research devices bequeath chop-chop notice and focalize a actinotherapy terror.ECOTEST TM products are victimised by law enforcement agencies for the efficacious exercising of their master duties.

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ECOTEST TM instruments are described in many textbooks sanctioned by the Ukrainian Ministry of Pedagogy.

Since 2002, according to the external proficient help programs ECOTEST TM devices suffer been supplied to the Borderline Safety Services of Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Logging plants and woodwork companies use ECOTEST TM products in their exercise to settle radiotherapy guard of romance and to hunting for ionizing radiotherapy sources.

We commend instalment systems of backcloth radiotherapy monitoring in educational establishments placed in the radiation-contaminated areas. Nether such weather, it is highly authoritative to hold authentic information on radioactivity safe of the surround.Forest that sustain been radioactively polluted can not be victimized neither for fashioning furniture nor building; they are not desirable flush for firewood to warmth homes.Fruitful cooperation of our fellowship with educational institutions has been permanent for astir ten eld.

href = ‘# more-text-dc3e193b275337f93c686760521ca491’ stratum = ‘eco-more-link -color-hl-add show-hide-content’> More Army, Ministry of Intimate Affairs, certificate and guard services – this is an uncomplete name of customers who opt for the ECOTEST TM to clear versatile problems of radiotherapy command. Efficiency and truth of measurements, heights operation and simplicity of use piddle ECOTEST TM devices the scoop on the grocery. More
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Ministry of Interior Affairs criminalists birth adoptive ECOTEST TM instruments for personal actinotherapy rubber, likewise as for obvious and concealed hunt for radioactive sources and their promote designation.

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Radioactive desolate depot sites are potentially severe for surround and mass roughly. Invariable arena monitoring and force vulnerability monitoring are mandatory measures in such weather.

Ferment in the radiological laboratories bears the danger of actinotherapy picture from radioactive sources. Thus, scientists and researchers running in potentially severe environments should bear entropy on their radiation-absorbed acid.

Now, X-ray nosology (ecumenical and alveolar skiagraphy) and therapies associated with the use of radioisotopes in oncology and another good diseases brand the master part to the battery-acid intent by a individual from semisynthetic radioactivity sources.New, more composite symptomatic and healing methods based on the use of radioactive elements are start to counterpane. Irradiation (radioisotope) therapy clay one of the chief methods to fighting cancer. In club to tighten the veto gremlin of radiotherapy on force of healthcare facilities we offering true and exact personal dosimeters and machine-driven systems of personal dosimetry ascendancy.

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It is crucial to fulfill radioactivity monitoring in the excavation manufacture during origin of fe ore, metals and otc raw materials. ECOTEST TM products are efficaciously ill-used in the excavation diligence for:

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We cater extremely dependable equipment for detecting and recognition of radioactive and atomic materials in decree to preclude their outlawed transportation. Our portable solutions are victimised to hunt and localise sources of gamma, beta, alpha and neutron actinotherapy.

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Our devices are also used to prevent

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the illicit transfer of radioactive and nuclear materials and to ensure response in case of emergencies.href = “” class = “eco-prod-more”> More
href = “”>Sanitary and epidemiological stations use our products to exercise state sanitary supervision over radiation condition of the environment in the territory under their jurisdiction.

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ECOTEST TM products meet educational requirements and are recommended by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine as visual aids for use in academic activities. Our devices are used while mastering such subjects as “Physics”, “Homeland Security”, “Life Safety Fundamentals” and “Civil Defense” in schools, in order to make the next generation aware of potential threats and environmentally literate.

Integrated solutions, automated systems and personal dosimeters of ECOTEST TM solve these problems in professional way.

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The Scientific and Production Enterprise “Sparing-Vist Center” Team has been helping people to ensure their radiation safety for nearly three decades

Labor protection divisions in the companies and institutions provide their employees with our devices to ensure personal radiation safety and warn of radiation danger at work.

Our company received its first state order from the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine more fifteen years ago. Since then and heretofore fruitful and effective cooperation has been developing between us.

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ECOTEST TM products are used in many industrial sectors. We offer a range of radiation measurement instruments to perform various tasks – from personnel exposure monitoring to continuous area monitoring both indoors and outdoors. In case of emergencies ECOTEST TM search devices will quickly detect and localize a radiation threat.

The products are manufactured under controlled conditions established by the certified

class = ‘caret’> Household dosimeters of ECOTEST TM are designed to measure radiation levels and accumulated dose in everyday life. They are accurate, compact and easy to use.

With our latest development, Gamma Sapiens – the only dosimeter in the world that operates via Bluetooth-channel, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into dosimeter.

For this purpose we offer reliable and accurate personal dosimeters and automated systems of personal dosimetry control also as system solutions for nonstop area monitoring in the laboratories. In the event of emergencies ECOTEST TM devices will quickly detect and localize a radiation threat.

Radiation measurement instruments of ECOTEST TM are included in the equipment list of the Ukrainian MES units and are successfully used by the units of civil defense and fire-fighting and rescuing troops.

/> Bureau Veritas Certification Quality Management System in compliance with the ISO9001: two thousand eight standard, certificate number: UA227945.

For many years ECOTEST TM devices have been in operational service with the Ukrainian Army and delivered to power-wielding structures of other countries worldwide. The separate military Ukrainian 19th Battalion of NBC-defense of the Ukrainian Military, which served a peacekeeping in the Arabian Gulf, was equipped with our devices. Military ecologists use our devices to examine military firing ranges and other facilities within the international program of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test -Ban Treaty.

Metals are not just recyclable, they are infinitely recyclable what makes them some of the most re-used materials in the world. Thus, there is always a risk of radioactive contamination during the melting process.

ECOTEST TM products have been successfully used for a years at nuclear power plants in Ukraine, France, Bulgaria, Korea and other countries worldwide. Our devices are effectively used at nuclear power facilities for:

Household dosimeters are used to:

Through the cooperation with the world-known “Bruker Corporation” we offer advanced equipment for detection of chemical, biological, radioactive and explosive materials. Cutting-edge technologies, particularly robust design of the devices and modular construction provide flexible and wide use of their products in the military and civil sectors.

ECOTEST TM products let surety services to comprehensively approaching to resolution the problems related actinotherapy prophylactic, and insure their good effectuation.So, cast-iron and nerve plants and organizations that trade with fighting metals entrepot and recycling opt for ECOTEST TM products in club to controller radiotherapy condom in their sour.In club to ascertain monitoring of heavy facilities, freights and vehicles we suffer highly-developed the devices that can speedily obtain sources of gamma, beta, alpha and neutron radiotherapy. With our devices you volition be able-bodied to notice and name radioactive and atomic materials to forestall their unlawful carry-over.Environmental specialists and experts of healthful and epidemiologic services volitionally buy radiotherapy mensuration instruments of ECOTEST TM. Every one of them can take from a wide-cut scope of products the gimmick that just meets their inevitably for quick and high-quality operation of master duties.Certificate serving staff uses our devices in their work to search for and identify radioactive materials, radiation surveillance and personal protection.

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